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09-Oct-15: Rocks, knives, guns: Cause, effect and culprits [VIDEO]

We think those who view the violence of the past few weeks, and especially these last few days, as the "spontaneous" eruption of "lone wolf" "activism" are living a lie. 

Behind the delusions there is a cold, calculated and very real process that keeps being ignored, daily, by mainstream media editors. We owe it to the innocent victims to drill down into the industry of hatred and political narcissism that makes the pain and damage possible.

A good Sabbath to all. And may it be much, much more peaceful than the week now ending.

09-Oct-15: The wave of terror attacks goes on

In the aftermath of this morning's murderous attack on an Israeli in the
Kiryat Arba community, the assailant's knife and blood are left behind
after the victim is taken to hospital and the attacker is shot dead [Image Source]
The coordinated eruption of rock-hurlings, stabbings, shootings and assaults by Arabs on Israelis continues in full force today, Friday.

We heard a commentator on BBC's Outside Source, reporting from the Mount of Olives an hour ago, call them lone-wolf attacks (she may also have slipped the word "alleged" into the sentence to flesh out the effect of her political korrectness) but they are nothing of the sort - unless wolves take their orders via shrill voices broadcasting messages of hate-based incitement via the social media and in mosques and prayer rooms.

The direction of the reporting, at a time when Arab-on-Jew attacks are happening at a furious pace throughout the country, is reflected in the precisely-worded lede of a major BBC report at this hour:
Israelis and Palestinians have been injured in a fresh spate of stabbings, including what Israeli police say was an apparent revenge attack on Arabs... The attacks come amid soaring tensions between Israelis and Palestinians...  ["Israelis and Palestinians injured in new stabbing attacks", uploaded to BBC's website around 3:00 pm Friday]
Here's an incomplete summary as of 2:30 pm Friday:
  • An Arab woman attacked a security guard with her knife in Afula's bus station around 2:00 pm this afternoon. (Another knifing attack was launched on one of Afula's main streets just last night.) The guard was unarmed (according to this report), though he was part of the team responsible for safeguarding passengers moving through this northern city's main transit hub. Friday early afternoon is one of the week's two major public transport rush-hours throughout Israel. Friday is the start of the weekend in Israel, and many travelers want to be at their destination before the sun sets signifying the start of the Sabbath, The attacker, evidently a resident of the predominantly Arab Israeli city of Nazareth, was stopped with a bullet fired by one of two IDF soldiers (says Jerusalem Post), one male, one female, who fired at her legs and brought her down but did not kill her (this is not Syria or Jordan). The knife-woman is now in Afula's Ha'emek Hospital getting the best treatment that Israeli medicine can offer. We wish her a speedy recovery and a very long prison sentence. The guard's selfless actions very likely saved lives today.
  • In the southern city of Dimona, a Jewish youth of 17 stabbed four Arabs this morning. BBC calls them "two Israeli Bedouins and two Palestinians". The attacks occurred at a shopping center and nearby. A security guard tackled the knife-wielding Israeli and held him till police arrived to arrest him. This Jew-on-Arab attack has caused an uncommon amount of consternation. News reporters often search high and low to spin terrorism and related events in this country as if they were part of some mythical cycle-of-violence, which they are not. The violence in this current wave is like that of previous waves - calculated to deliver a message of hatred-driven terror into the hearts of Israelis. Unfortunately an Israeli engaging in similar-looking tactics, even given the vast gulf that separates Israeli public opinion about terror from Palestinian Arab views on the same subject, makes it that little bit easier for those superficial reports to be made and to sound credible. All four of the Arab victims are out of danger. Two have moderate injuries and the other two are said to have light injuries. Three of them were taken to Beer Sheba's Soroka Medical Center for treatment. According to Associated Press, "Dimona mayor Beni Bitton said the stabber is a "mentally ill man." He told Channel 10 TV that two of the victims worked for City Hall, and that passers-by quickly rushed to help the wounded Arabs and provided first aid."
  • On the narrow route that passes the notoriously violent Arab village, Beit Ummar (about which we have written frequently), hails of rocks yesterday and today (and many times in the past) continue to make life dangerous for Israeli traffic traveling on the Gush Etzion, Kiryat Arba and Karmei Tzur roads. Numerous vehicles have been damaged during today's violence.
  • In Jerusalem around noon today in the haredi Shmuel Hanavi neighbourhood, a Jewish teenager of 16 (according to Jerusalem Post) was stabbed and moderately injured by a Palestinian Arab from Hebron. Israel National News reports that the assailant was tracked down by security personnel and apprehended soon after, The wounded boy is getting treated at Hadassah hospital.
  • Also around noon, in Kiryat Arba - close to the spot where a serious very similar attack took place yesterday - a policeman was stabbed and injured by a Palestinian Arab male. The assailant was shot by other officers and died of his wounds.
  • We are hearing reports from the coastal city of Ashdod about Arab construction workers hurling rocks and cinder blocks at passing cars in the early afternoon.
  • And perhaps feeling out-activisted by the Fatah-controlled crowds of lone-wolves in Judea and Samara, the Hamas overlords of the Gaza Strip appear to be flexing their muscles this afternoon. A Times of Israel report, uploaded around 3:00 pm Friday, says "Hamas’s chief in Gaza on Friday called for additional violence against Israel. "Gaza will fulfill its role in the Jerusalem intifada and it is more than ready for confrontation,” Ismail Haniyeh said during a sermon for weekly Muslim prayers at a mosque in Gaza City. “We are calling for the strengthening and increasing of the intifada… It is the only path that will lead to liberation,” he said." The results were not long in coming: "Some 200 Palestinians approached the fence closest to the Nahal Oz Kibbutz in the northern Gaza Strip. “They began throwing stones and rolling burning tires at Israeli forces,” an army spokesperson said. IDF troops, who remained on the Israeli side of the border, opened fire at the protesters, who were approximately 150 feet (50 meters) away, in order to break up the protest and push them from the fence, the spokesman said."
More when we can manage to write and edit. The Sabbath is approaching fast.

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08-Oct-15: Mid-afternoon knifing of Israeli man in Kiryat Arba

In Kiryat Arba, an Israeli community adjacent to Hebron. an Israeli man of about 25 was stabbed in the back at about 3:45 pm afternoon (Thursday) soon after the stabbing attacks reported earlier in the day in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Israel National News says he is a Kiryat Arba resident.

The victim was taken by ambulance in serious condition to Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center where doctors are reported to be fighting to save his life. The attacker, believed to be a Palestinian Arab male, fled after the knifing in the direction of Hebron. An IDF manhunt is underway. So far, he remains free.

08-Oct-15: Human rights, human (very) wrongs

Source [If it gets deleted, here's the archive version]
For those interested to know where the "human rights" "activist" who tweeted this loathsome message (we deleted the photo that goes with it) fits in to the Tamimi clan hierarchy, just email us.

We selected one current Tweet from among Manal Tamimi's many outbursts of a hideousness that evidently cannot be suppressed. It permeates the Tamimi clan's messages to the world.

Keep in mind as well what the Tamimis work diligently to hide: the clan's joyous celebrations when their favorite daughter - the proud murderer of 15 people, 8 of them children - was released (via a cynical act of extortion) in 2011. We have those photos too.

Were it not for the obsequious fawning and grooming of Bassem Tamimi by the idoelogically-compromised Amnesty International and its fellow travelers, no one would be in any doubt that the Tamimis are indistinguishable from the savages shown dancing and handing out candies throughout the towns and cities of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jordan this week. Those people are rejoicing because of knifings and shootings of civilians of a nation with whom they see themselves having an eternal blood feud.

But for Amnesty et al, they're resistance activists and non-violent resisters. People who support them ought to be deeply ashamed.

08-Oct-15: Tel Aviv stabbing attack; two Israelis hurt

Around 3:00 pm today, another knifing attack by an Arab on Israelis:
Two people were stabbed by a Palestinian man in Tel Aviv on Thursday, hours after a similar attack left a haredi man seriously injured in Jerusalem. The assailant was shot dead after attacking passers-by with a screwdriver opposite the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv. The Police cordoned off Begin junction, one of the busiest junctions in the city, fearing a second terrorist might be on the loose. [Ynet]

08-Oct-15: Jerusalem Watch | Thursday noon stabbing (yes, another one)

Plenty of photos of a more graphic nature are available via the social media depicting this latest Jerusalem stabbing, again an Israeli knifed by a Palestinian Arab. But we choose not to publish or link to them here [Image Source]
In another instance of what Mahmoud Abbas, head of the PA, has been calling Israeli aggression, there is yet another knifing victim bleeding on the streets of Jerusalem this afternoon. A Jewish victim, of course.

This latest knifing attack occurred around noon on Thursday. This via Israel National News:
A 25-year-old yeshiva student was seriously injured in a terror attack early Thursday afternoon at the Jerusalem light rail station in front of national police headquarters near Ammunition Hill. Magen David Adom teams on the scene treated the injured man and brought him to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in the capital, where he is being prepped for surgery. Special Patrol Unit forces in the area neutralized the terrorist and arrested him... Light rail service has been temporarily suspended in the area as a result of the attack. 
Haaretz says
the victim was in serious condition, but was conscious. Israel Police said they apprehended the assailant. Initial reports on Channel 2 News said a 15-year-old boy [since corrected - see below] from East Jerusalem attempted to seize the weapon of a security guard at a light-rail train station, but after failing to wield the weapon, he drew a knife that he had been carrying and stabbed the man. The attack took place shortly after 12 PM at a light-rail train station outside the National Police Headquarters.
Times of Israel adds that the victim was rushed to hospital with the attacker's knife still lodged in his neck. He was taken to emergency surgery. A second Israeli, apparently a Jerusalem Light Rail security guard, was very lightly hurt after tackling the attacker to prevent him fleeing the scene. The attacker is a 19-year-old Palestinian Arab from East Jerusalem.

The victim needs our prayers: have in mind Moshe Chaim ben Chana for a complete recovery.

In the perverted world of our neighbours, as we noted earlier this week ["06-Oct-15: They're shocked! Associated Press discovers the Palestinian Arab reward-for-terror payments scheme"], 
"If you are an unemployed Palestinian Arab with ambitions, a course of action has been open to you for years that's violent, dangerous, deadly and immoral - but brings with it certain benefits. And if you're also a believer who is taught to embrace death when it involves murdering certain others, it comes down to win/win: the money or the box."
If you get caught and prevented from carrying out the actual murder, you go to prison and start accumulating payments from the Palestinian Authority government that would be beyond your dreams but for the terrorism in which you chose to engage. And if the Israelis manage to permanently neutralize you, then you're a martyr, a hero to your people. And your parents and siblings get paid handsomely. This cash-for-terror scheme is not new. It's well documented (by us, among others) and funded generously by Western governments. Here is a small selection of posts we have written in the past four years about how it works: 
We tweeted earlier today about the win/win nature of the decision to plunge a knife into an unsuspecting Israeli back. We're convinced this sickening reality is barely understood by those reporting the news or by the vast majority of the consumers of their work product. Time to change that.

08-Oct-15: In Australia, the pistol-wielding youth and his friends start to look like something... mysterious

The victim of the fifteen year-old gunman's lust for
killing: Curtis Cheng, on the left, with family [Image Source]
Because it's happening in far-away Australia, the unfolding events surrounding a murder carried out by a black-robed fifteen year-old boy who arrived in the country as a refugee is not getting much attention away from the location of the savagery.

But there are developments. For the background, see our post: "04-Oct-15: In Sydney, a boy murders a stranger with his pistol and the authorities are lost for words. But there's room for theories"

Sky News has this today:
Four people have been arrested over the murder of a police accountant in Australia which investigators think was terror-related. Detectives believe the suspects, aged from 16 to 22, were involved in planning the killing of Curtis Cheng as he left police headquarters in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta on Friday. The 58-year-old, who had been with the police force's finance department for 17 years, was shot in the back of the head by Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad. The 15-year-old gunman, who was born in Iran, was shot and killed at the scene by police. The investigating team have also contacted Turkish police to search for the killer's sister, who left Australia the day before the deadly attack. New South Wales Police deputy commissioner Catherine Burn said: "We suspect that a terrorism event has occurred and we suspect that they may have some knowledge..."
Tim Blair who blogs for the Daily Telegraph from Sydney has some pungent comments about the unwillingness or inability of many to face up to what has happened. Here's what he writes in a post from October 6, 2015 entitled "The ancient Islamic festival of If If":

Founder of the Australian Arabic Council, Joseph Wakim, conducts the traditional post-atrocity ritual of nonsensical evasion

When an incident is imbued with a single drop of Islam, it apparently explains everything, and blinds us from asking the right questions. 
The “incident” to which Wakim refers involved a murderer whose mosque attendance was obsessive, who wore traditional Islamic garb on the day he set out to kill innocent people, and who screamed “Allah! Allah!” in the street after shooting a father of two. This wasn’t a “drop of Islam”. It was a reeking bucket. 

We are so hasty to roll out the loaded labels, such as “terrorist” and “gunman”, even when referring to a 15-year-old boy. 
Very well, Joseph. We’ll call him a terrorist gunbaby instead. 

If Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar was a gun-wielding white teenager in school uniform, rather than a brown teenager in a black robe, would we have labelled him a mixed-up kid with mental problems or a radicalised, cold-blooded terrorist? 
If he was a flappy-tailed crustacean, would we call him a lobster? If he was still alive and prancing around outside our house with a gun, would we call the police? If he was developmentally delayed and wrote for Fairfax, would we call him Joseph Wakim? These important theological questions have vexed scholars throughout the ages. 

If a white teenager had opened fire inside a mosque, would we have labelled him an angry misguided youth? 
Beats me. Call me if it happens. 

If we are serious in wanting to break this cycle of violence and acts of terror, we need to stop using dehumanising labels and stop absolving ourselves by shifting blame to Islam. 
What “cycle of violence”? The kid was never provoked. And what “dehumanising labels”? And why the need to absolve ourselves from a crime he committed? 

The complex reality… 
Here we go. that many factors line up to trigger such violent acts, including broken families, mental health, perceived lack of alternatives, current circumstances, loneliness, detachment, exposure to violent videos and a twisted moral compass that defines heroism as a violent means towards a rewarding end. These are the push factors that recruiters exploit, especially if the recruit is vulnerable and lacks a good parent. 
Not to mention local mosques

Youth peers are more likely to derail the radicalisation pathway by planting seeds of doubt and offering other pathways towards redressing injustices. These might include youth groups, political parties, fundraising for charities and letter writing. 
Attention, young brainwashed beheading-ready jihadi children destined for Syria or police stations in Sydney! Might you be more interested in writing a letter instead? Why, of course you are! 

Islamophobia and bombardment with hate messages communicating that Australia does not trust Muslims push “them” to the margins. 
Flip that idea around, son, and you might be on to something. We’ve seen a few hate messages delivered lately, and they’re all coming from one side.


Meanwhile this is from yesterday's (Sydney) Daily Telegraph:
The weapon used by teen terrorist Farhad Jabar was believed to be sourced from a Middle Eastern crime gang and police suspect it was handed to the schoolboy at the Parramatta mosque. Details about where he got the gun and its original source were established early in the investigation but the Telegraph was asked by police not to release details until after today’s raids.

08-Oct-15: Blowing smoke: Asylum seekers and the Europeans who process them

Syrian cigarettes [Image Source]
Do any of the arrivers/migrants/asylum seekers in the massive wave described here have terrorism on their minds? Or are taking part in a Trojan Horse strategy? Who knows? Who cares? On the basis of the evidence described here, not the governments of Europe.

The Men Who Pretend to Be Syrian Refugees

People washing ashore on the Greek island of Lesbos are trying to pass themselves off as Syrian to win a new life in Europe — and overworked officials are struggling to determine who’s telling the truth. | Susannah George | October 7, 2015

KARA TEPE, Greece — “Oh, you’re from Syria,” said one of the officials holding up a spiral-bound book with color pictures of 100-pound notes. “Can you point to which of these pictures is your home currency?”

One by one, the head of the vetting team led by Frontex, a European Union agency that works between member states to secure EU borders, quizzes men and families claiming to be from Syria who arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos.

“I’m a Syrian,” the man repeated to the official cautiously, his shoes and clothing still wet from the journey by sea earlier that day. “From Deir Ezzor.”

The man, who had arrived from Turkey that morning, hesitated and pointed to a yellow bill, a fake note that vaguely resembled Lebanese currency but was clearly not from Syria.

“Are you originally from Iraq, maybe?” the officer asked. After some whispered words with his wife and brother, the man explained that, yes, his family is Iraqi, but they had lived in Syria for many years.

At a registration center that processes more than 1,000 people a day, there is at most a single Arabic speaker present.At a registration center that processes more than 1,000 people a day, there is at most a single Arabic speaker present. In the afternoon, after Frontex agents and NGO workers head home at 2 p.m., there are none. The vast majority of the processing is handled by local policemen and civil servants who have been pulled away from their desk jobs at local municipalities and who are ill-equipped to judge whether a new arrival is actually from where they say they are.

Over the summer, between 3,000 and 5,000 people were arriving to Lesbos every day, about half of whom were registered at Kara Tepe. For many of those people — and those still coming to the island now — their declared country of origin could mean the difference between being allowed to stay in Europe and being sent back home. Syrians fleeing war are largely expected to be granted asylum in countries like Germany and Sweden, but individuals from a relatively safe country, such as Morocco or Turkey, who are just seeking better work and education opportunities in Europe, would generally not qualify for the same benefits and would possibly be sent back to their country of origin. Officials familiar with the vetting process at the Kara Tepe registration center estimate about half of all people who arrive initially say that they are Syrian.

“All nationalities receive the same treatment here,” explained the agent to a crowd of men all claiming to be Syrian. The agent declined requests to speak directly to the media or give out his name, “If you’re Libyan, Moroccan, Iraqi, Syrian, everyone receives the same papers. I’m just trying to do my job.”

The man who initially claimed to be from Deir Ezzor but was in fact Iraqi was just one of many who was cycled through this haphazard process. After being questioned by the Frontex official, he was waved through to other agents who helped him fill out a palm-sized slip of paper with his name, the names of his father, mother, and grandfather, and his nationality. At the next kiosk, that slip of paper became a legal document stamped and signed by a Greek civil servant. After being fingerprinted, the man was handed a single sheet of paper — a transit document — which allowed him to travel through Greece to the rest of Europe.

The next man in line approached the official. “I’m just asking for a friend, not for me, but is it OK if you’re Libyan, will you still get the papers?”

In the back of the crowd, one family debated among themselves whether to try to pass for Syrian. When asked where exactly they were from in Syria, one woman paused and smiled: “From Syria, for sure.”

The caption on the source image reads: Migrants: Hundreds of men,
women and children make their way to temporary shelter after arriving
 in Greece [Image Source]. There are women in this photo, but
you have scrutinize it hard to find them
Greece’s system for processing refugees wasn’t fully functional even before the current influx of people, said Migration Policy Institute analyst Susan Fratzke — and has now “basically been overwhelmed.”

Fratzke says as far back as 2008, Greece was being criticized for its sloppy handling of asylum-seekers. Specifically, the country was failing even back then to keep track of who was entering the EU through Greece and process the claims in-country. Everyone who enters the EU through Greece is supposed to declare asylum there, and Greece is supposed to handle the paperwork and vetting process. But Athens knows these people don’t want to stay, so it is not even attempting to handle the claims and is instead just leaving the work for the countries where the new arrivals are heading, like Germany and Sweden.

“Because the rules aren’t being enforced,” Fratzke said, “it’s really had the effect of placing a higher share of responsibility on some of the more desirable destinations like Germany and Sweden.”

At the Kara Tepe registration center, only a fraction of new arrivals receive any sort of vetting at all. Greek officials lack the capacity to carry it out themselves, and Frontex employees are only present at the registration center for a fraction of the day.

At around 4 p.m., after most employees had left, a group of men arrived at the camp asking how to register; they were directed by fellow refugees and migrants to a messy pile of blank slips of paper stacked on an abandoned desk. The men, speaking Iraqi-accented Arabic and slang, said they were from the northern Syrian city of Aleppo and lacked documentation because all their belongings had been lost at sea.

The men wrote “Syria” under nationality and proceeded directly to the local police officer, where the information was notarized. Within an hour, they were fingerprinted and had received letters of transit listing them as Syrian nationals.

The caption on the source image reads: Dangerous journey: Syrian refugees
get off an overcrowded inflatable dinghy they used
to travel to Greece [
Image Source]
“We are so thankful to the Greek government to give us this chance at a peaceful life,” said one of the men, who asked to be called Ali.

Aid workers say about half the people at this registration center show up without any kind of documentation. Along the island’s beaches, residents have collected identity documents from the rocky shores — Pakistani and Iraqi passports and Turkish national IDs, all presumably abandoned because people from these countries have slimmer chances of being granted asylum and being allowed to stay in Europe.

“We just have to trust what they write down,” said Dimitris Sarras, a civil servant and architect“We just have to trust what they write down,” said Dimitris Sarras, a civil servant and architect who now works part time at the registration center to help fill out paperwork. “There was one man from an NGO who spoke Arabic, but he left last week, so there is no way to know, really.”

Greece’s registration process has not always worked this way. The Greek government quietly changed its registration policies earlier this summer, when a sharp increase in arrivals from Turkey to Lesbos left more than 20,000 refugees and migrants stuck on the island, overcrowding the capital of Mytilene, an idyllic tourist town whose typical population numbers roughly 38,000.

German officials have said that 30 percent of the people claiming to be Syrian asylum-seekers in Germany are not in fact from Syria, but officials in Greece with knowledge of the initial registration process on the Aegean island estimate the number is much higher.

“Honestly, it’s really not that hard. You just need to start by asking the guy about himself,” explained one official involved in EU vetting procedures who asked that his name be withheld as he was not authorized to speak to the media. “One guy, I could tell from his teeth he’s a smoker, so I asked, oh, you smoke cigarettes? Yeah? What is that Syrian brand again? Anyone who is actually from Syria will know, but Iraqis would never know.”

The official says the process is rarely confrontational. “They all respect that I’m just trying to do my job, and no one is being turned away.” 

And therein lies a problem: There are no real repercussions if someone is found to be lying about his or her country of origin. If the official doing the vetting isn’t happy with someone’s answer, he or she can detain the refugee in question at the registration center, but this rarely happens at Kara Tepe.

For all those who will qualify for asylum, many others will not, Fratzke says, and Greece is not doing anyone any favors by waving people through. The EU return process, a bureaucratic mess that only manages to send home fewer than half of all those deemed ineligible for asylum, becomes less effective the longer people remain in the system.

“The longer you leave people in the system, the more difficult it is to sort through the cases,” she said, “and the more resources you’re taking for people who might eventually need to be returned.”

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07-Oct-15: Despatches from the fronts

Shuafat, North Jerusalem, Monday October 5: Border Guard
officers taking care of business [Image Source]
It's early Wednesday evening in Jerusalem and the extreme violence is continuing.
  • This morning, an Israeli man in his mid-thirties was attacked by a knife-wielding Palestinian Arab female aged about 18-20. This attack, like the murderous assault on a small group of Israeli pedestrians this past Saturday night ["03-Oct-15: Arab violence escalates in Jerusalem: Multiple stabbings in Old City tonight"] was carried out adjacent to Lion's Gate in Jerusalem's Old City. Today's victim suffered stab wounds in his upper body and back - he was stabbed from behind. The attacker's name is given [here] as Shorouq Dwayyat. Like her victim, she is being treated at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital where she is said to be in critical condition after her victim managed to get off some accurate shots in her direction. The attacker's family are in the news as well, as Times of Israel reports: "The family of the terrorist said that officers stationed outside her hospital room would not allow them to visit the woman, Channel 2 reported. One of the family members was detained by police for questioning. Dwayyat’s mother told the TV station in a later interview that her daughter stabbed the man in self-defense after he attempted to pull off her head covering. It later transpired, however, that Dwayyat had written a Facebook post saying she was “going to become a shahid” - a “martyr.” Lovely people.
  • Seven vehicles (at least) were damaged by rocks hurled by Palestinian Arabs this morning on the Jerusalem to Tekoa road near the volatile Arab neighbourhood Beit Sahour. One vehicle, driven by a young Israeli woman, Rivi Ohayon, a resident of Tekoa, came to a stop because of the hail of rocks and was quickly surrounded by a mob that forced the door of the car open. The driver was kicked multiple times and the car’s front windshield was smashed. She was treated by Magen David Adom paramedics and then sent to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem with light injuries. Times of Israel quotes Josh Hasten, a journalist for the Jerusalem Post, and a resident of Elazar, a nearby community, who said that earlier this morning he had been attacked on the road: “As I slowed down, I saw a mob of 40 to 50 masked Palestinians on the side of the road. They were holding rocks and cinder blocks... As they approached my car, I took out my gun and fired one round in the air. The shot obviously scared them and they ran up the hill away from the road... I have no doubt that I would be dead now if I hadn’t used my gun. They were going to kill me.” There's an audio interview with Josh Hasten here.
  • A Palestinian Arab male stabbed and then stole the weapon of an Israeli soldier in the coastal city of Kiryat Gat. Security personnel pursued the assailant to a nearby building - evidently in order to take up a position inside an accessible apartment, which he sought to enter [video] - where they succeeded in mortally shooting him.
  • Around 6:30 this evening, a similar attack happened in the central city of Petach Tikva where a Palestinian Arab stabbed several people in a shopping mall. There are multiple casualties and few details. One of the victims, an Israeli male of about 25, is reported to be in moderate condition and stable with knife wounds, and being treated at nearby Beilinson Hospital. The attacker was arrested and in the hands of the police.
  • Again, few details at this stage, but it's reported that a 15-year-old Palestinian Arab youth was arrested in Abu Tor, a mixed Jewish/Arab section of Jerusalem, after attempting a knife assault on Israel Police forces around 7:00 pm this evening.
  • Times of Israel reports that two people were injured lightly when a Palestinian Arab driver rammed his vehicle into a checkpoint on Jerusalem's eastern side around 8:30 pm Wednesday night. The vehicle's driver was shot by a Border Guard officer and injured at the A-Zaim checkpoint, between Maale Adumim and Jerusalem, According to police, the vehicle driven by a Palestinian Arab was coming from east of Maale Adumim when the driver rammed it into the checkpoint.
In addition, dozens of rock-hurling attacks and firebombings (Molotov cocktail attacks). It's now almost midnight, and the sounds of police sirens are audible from points across the city.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

06-Oct-15: They're shocked! Associated Press discovers the Palestinian Arab reward-for-terror payments scheme

Money being supplied in vast quantities to the Palestinian Authority leadership and it ends up in the hands of terrorists? Why, we had absolutely no idea. We're shocked. Shocked.
If you are an unemployed Palestinian Arab with ambitions, a course of action has been open to you for years that's violent, dangerous, deadly and immoral - but brings with it certain benefits. And if you're also a believer who is taught to embrace death when it involves murdering certain others, it comes down to win/win: the money or the box.

Associated Press, several years too late, has the fresh breaking news today that the Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian Authority regime pays killers and other imprisoned terrorists a financial reward, and that it's substantial. The information comes from reliable sources:
Israel Radio says it has obtained official Palestinian government documents confirming hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to prisoners convicted in some of the deadliest attacks on Israelis. Tuesday's report comes after days of violent clashes and repeated Israeli accusations of Palestinian incitement to violence. Palestinians have long acknowledged paying support to the families of prisoners held by Israel, but payments personally to prisoners convicted in deadly attacks have never been made public. Israel Radio claims the documents show the hefty sums given to those serving multiple life sentences in Israeli prisons. They include Hamas militants behind suicide bombings that killed dozens of Israelis. Ashraf al-Ajrami, a former Palestinian minister for prisoners, confirmed the report, saying the prisoners are "heroes" and the money is for their families.
There's so much to say about this painful subject, and so many questions with answers that keep getting ignored, that the only real puzzle on our minds is: why is this getting media attention now? And what do these words actually mean?
Palestinians have long acknowledged paying support to the families of prisoners held by Israel, but payments personally to prisoners convicted in deadly attacks have never been made public.
Anyone - any public figure, any media commentator, any reform-minded politician, any whistle-blower on the funding side of the transactions that made all of this possible - who wanted to find out how and why this was going on had endless ways of uncovering the facts. You just had to want to. Most people don't.

Here is a selection - just a selection - of posts we have written in the past four years (alone) that deal with the Palestinian Authority reward-for-terror payments scheme (not its official name, but an accurate one).
And earlier still, we wrote about things we learned from meetings with several of the key people [see "6-Oct-06: Crying poor: The terror-laden rise and rise of the Palestinian national payroll and the men who allow it to happen"], a depressing experience that brought home to us how lies and duplicity by people in the highest of public places were the secret to the constant access to money which the Arafat and Abbas cliques have enjoyed throughout the past 15 years.

The impact of the AP report, echoing a defect in the Israel Radio source news item, concerns the scale of the cash being washed through the PA's payment scheme. It was on the order of $140 million last year (2014), That's a sizable piece of the budget of a government that claims to be perpetually out of funds.

In the April 9, 2014 post you see in the list above, we described the scale of things based on what we learned from Israeli government data at the time:
A document produced by the Israel Government Prime Minister's Office in January and publicized just today [according to the Jerusalem Post] reiterates the extent to which the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas finances terrorism, making monkeys out of the foreign governments whose aid money makes this possible. Some key points:
  • In 2012, the PA's overall budget was $3.1 Billion of which $786 Million came from foreign aid.
  • The impoverished (by its own description) PA channeled no less than $153.5 Million to terrorists imprisoned in Israel, to their families, and to the families of deceased terrorists including human bombs during that year. 
  • That's 16% of the foreign aid received by the PA in that period.
  • It's also 5% of the PA's annual total budget.
The painful absence of interest in the answers to the questions about this torrent of cash for killing and hatred is the real story.

Monday, October 05, 2015

05-Oct-15: On safeguarding a nation

Our plea addressing the prime minister - one of numerous
such unheeded letters and articles we published prior to Israel's mass
freeing of convicted killers in October 2011 [Source]
In the flow of reports tonight about the apprehension of a terrorist gang from Nablus in relation to the murders of Naama and Rabbi Rabbi Eitam Henkin this past Thursday night, there's now this official statement by Israeli prime minister Netanyahu:
We have brought an additional four IDF battalions into Judea and Samaria, and thousands of police into Jerusalem. The police are going deeply into the Arab neighborhoods, which has not been done in the pastWe will demolish terrorists' homes. We are allowing our forces to take strong action against those who throw rocks and firebombs. This is necessary in order to safeguard the security of Israeli citizens on the roads and everywhere. We are not prepared to give immunity to any rioter, inciter or terrorist anywhere; therefore, there are no restrictions on the action of our security forces. We will also lift restrictions regarding action against inciters. We will act against the Islamic Movement which, together with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, is the main source of incitement.
Sounds like the right approach. We only wish that the same prime minister, faced with the opportunity to sound as determined as this, had acted with equal purpose before these latest murders instead of after.

Perhaps a sincere-sounding apology for some of those past catastrophically bad Israeli government decisions might have been in order today.

Terrorism requires uncompromising determination, and a clear-eyed view of the people who incite and the messages of incitement they propagate. Far too many Israeli families are today paying the hugely-painful price for unforgivable, irreversible errors on these matters by officials of our government.

05-Oct-15: More on the perpetrators of the Henkin killings

Nablus city center (from the municipality's website)
Information is emerging in stages. And both Hamas and Nablus take a starring role.

The text of an official statement made by the Government Press Office tonight includes some key pieces of information for those, like us, concerned to spotlight the role of Hamas in ongoing terrorism warfare against Israelis. These are all verbatim quotes from that report:
  • The ISA [better known as the Shin Bet], IDF and Israel Police have arrested members of the cell that perpetrated the attack. The detainees have been transferred for investigation by the ISA and have admitted their involvement in the murder of the Henkins.
  • The cell – affiliated with Hamas in Nablus – numbered five terrorists, each of which had a defined role. One terrorist checked the route. Three terrorists were in the attacking vehicle – a driver and two attackers. The cell commander was not in the vehicle. Several additional suspects have been arrested on suspicion of aiding the cell.
  • The cell commander was Raeb Ahmed Muhammad Alivi [we think Alawi might be a better transliteration], born in 1978, and active in Hamas's military wing. He recruited the members of the cell, instructed them and provided them with weapons.
  • Members of the cell included: Yehye Muhammad Naif Abdallah Haj Hamed, born in 1991, a resident of Nablus. A Hamas member, he carried out the shooting in this attack and has been active in others. Samir Zahir Ibrahim Kusa, born in 1982, a resident of Nablus. A Hamas member, he drove the attacking vehicle. Kerem Lutfy Fathi Razek, born in 1992, a resident of Nablus. A Hamas member, he set out on the attack armed with a pistol but was mistakenly wounded by his colleague during the carrying out of the attack. Zid Ziad Jamil Amar, born in 1989, a resident of Nablus. A Hamas member, he checked the route.
  • During the shooting, one of the cell members was accidentally shot by one of his colleagues and dropped his pistol, which was left at the scene and found by Israeli forces. After carrying out the shooing, the terrorists fled toward Nablus.
  • The cell members also said that they had been involved in two shooting attacks in recent weeks, neither of which resulted in casualties, including the 30 August attack near the entrance to Kedumim.
  • The investigation of the cell members is continuing.
Fatah, Hamas' sworn enemy, earlier claimed credit. Such is life among the savages.

Ynet is reporting that Alawi, the ring-leader, spent time inside Israel's prison system but does not elaborate. Was he released in a deal? We are checking.

There's some graphic security-camera video [via YouTube] from inside a Nablus hospital of armed Israeli forces entering and apprehending an injured attacker. Ynet is reporting that the person being arrested is Karam al-Masri, 23. (He is not named among the five arrested suspects.) Al-Masri happens to be the name of the human bomb planted by the infamous terrorist Ahlam Tamimi, whose explosion in the center of Jerusalem on August 9, 2001 destroyed the Sbarro pizzeria and the lives of dozens of Jewish families. We don't know whether there is a close relationship, but we're checking.

From social media posts tonight, we see that the hospital where the suspect was picked up is Arab Specialist Hospital, Nablus which
was established in 1997 and included the most important sections multiple medical treatment center and cardiac surgery center and blood diseases and bone and runs these sections Kadrozifa trained and qualified and has a high efficiency. Runs the hospital Arab specialists with expertise and high efficiency and management of distinctive always strives to be the best. [The hospital's website]
Haaretz is reporting tonight that four additional Israel Defense Forces battalions have now been sent in to Nablus which is now locked down to facilitate the ongoing search for the terrorists responsible for the attack.

05-Oct-15: Arrests are reported in the Henkin murder investigation

Israel National News says it has now been cleared for publication that arrests have been made of the members of a terror cell accused of carrying out the murders of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin last Thursday night.
Five terrorists were arrested, all of whom Hamas terrorists from Shechem (Nablus).  The terrorists responsible have been named as: Ragheb Ahmad Muhammad, 37, terror cell leader, who recruited terrorists who had instructed them to implement attacks and provided them with weapons; Yahya Muhammad Nayif Abdallah Haj Hamad, 24, who carried out the shooting in this attack and other attacks; Samir Zahir Ibrahim Kusa, 33, took part in the three attacks as a driver; Karam Lutfi Fathi Razek, 23, fired during the attack with a pistol and accidentally harmed another Hamas terrorist in the process; and Ziad Ziad Jamil Amer, 31, who enabled the attack. 
May justice be done.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

04-Oct-15: In Sydney, a boy murders a stranger with his pistol and the authorities are lost for words. But there's room for theories

Fifteen year old boy. dressed in black robes: Scenes from the video showing
last moments of his life, immediately after he murdered a complete stranger
and shouted Allahu Akhbar repeatedly while seeking new victims [Video]
In Sydney, they're trying to come to terms again with terrorism and the loss of lives, and left with more questions than answers.

This past Friday, mid-afternoon, around 4:30 pm, a high school student aged 15, shot dead a police accountant, Curtis Cheng, 58. He had worked in finance for the police for 17 years. The shots were fired from behind and at close range. It's all captured on video [here]. Neighbours of the killer, quoted here, say (in the traditional way) that he was not unusual; in fact, he was "cordial". But the neighbour had never spoken with him.

The shooting was directly outside police headquarters in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta. The boy is said to have been unknown to counter terrorism police before he carried out what they are now calling a "politically motivated" attack. And as far as they can tell, he acted alone.

But conclusions like that tend to be flexible and changeable, and the police are already "exploring every avenue with regard to why he did what he did," according to the police commissioner quoted in Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald. They have already formed the view that "his actions were politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism."

Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad
before the 15 year old boy executed the murder
Having murdered the unsuspecting police employee, the high school student whose name is Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar kept firing his handgun until he was killed in a shoot-out with three special constables.

According to Australia's ABC, quoted in the same report, the boy's sister left Australia on a Singapore Airlines flight on Thursday bound for Istanbul, evidently attempting to reach Iraq or Syria. She had taken all of her belongings with her.

It's also known the boy attended the nearby Parramatta mosque on Friday afternoon before carrying out the killing. He then changed into a flowing black shirt and black trousers there.

The police commissioner says his team are a "long way from establishing a full picture of the boy" who was of Iraqi-Kurdish background, born in Iran and living in North Parramatta with family.

New South Wales premier Mike Baird asks: "How can someone so young undertake such a chilling act? ...It doesn't make sense. It should never have happened. Obviously we are all lost for words."

04-Oct-15: In California, difficulties in understanding Bassem Tamimi, but we're here to help

Yesterday's Stockton article
From Stockton, California, there's a fresh report [here] published just yesterday that has come to our attention. It details a speech made by Bassem Tamimi, described there as "a Palestinian activist", on the campus of San Joaquin Delta College a few days ago. The article helpfully points out that "Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have come out in support of Tamimi."

It appears there were some on-the-ball participants in the audience, and the manner in which their questions were parried kind of gives the whole charade away:
A student who identified herself as Palestinian-American said that because of the language barrier and Tamimi’s accent, it was difficult to understand him and that likely led to some confusion, but explained that the event was not intended to bring answers or solutions, but for Tamimi to share the brutalities he has experienced.
Pretty clearly, the readers of the report are being given a selective presentation of what Bassem Tamimi actually stands for, and exposure to almost none of the barbarism and brutalities that are so central to the Tamimi experience.

So today we posted a comment to the site where the report is published, and plan to send this to the reporter as well:
I am the father of Malka Chana Roth. Malki was an American citizen whose murder at the age of 15 here in Jerusalem was masterminded by Bassem Tamimi's cousin. She is Nabi Saleh's most celebrated daughter, but people who know no Arabic will find it hard to learn this, and will probably be surprised. They should not be. What people ought to know about Bassem Tamimi is out there for anyone who wants to find it. 
It's a great pity no one in the San Joaquin Delta College audience posed the questions that we have been anxious to ask the various hosts of the Tamimi tour with no response.
From close and detailed inspection, we know him to be passionately aligned - along with numerous other members of the Nabi Saleh Tamimi clan - with anti-Jewish murder and savagery. And yes, we are at least as aware as your readers of how very differently from that he is portrayed in the US.  
It's such a puzzle.  
If you have a way to put these questions to Tamimi or any of his numerous hosts, and get a response (or even a non-response), actual lives might be saved. We have posted them here: 
Arnold Roth
The Amnesty-backed Bassem Tamimi roadshow tour continues, and in the next two weeks is bound for Santa Fe (later today) then Medford, MA; Boston, MA; Cambridge, MA; Pittsfield, MA in the Berkshires; South Florida, and then winding up in Washington DC. Full details are on the website [here] of the promoters and marketers of the mislabeled goods Tamimi is selling.

UPDATE: Monday night, 05-Oct-15: No response yet from Stockton.

UPDATE: Tuesday night, 06-Oct-15: No response yet from Stockton. And none from the ideologues at Amnesty International, Jewish Voices for Peace, and the assorted vegans and carnivores who are shuffling Bassem Tamimi around the United States. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to say clearly that the people behind Bassem Tamimi and the Tamimi roadshow are dishonorable, devious and utterly uninterested in having members of the public know the true values for which Bassem Tamimi and his video-centric enterprise stand. People in the Middle East, on all sides of the various fault lines, are certainly going to be injured and, Heaven forbid, killed because of the willful concealing of a violent jihadist agenda for which the Tamimi business serves as camouflage. Shame on all your heads!

04-Oct-15 Jerusalem Watch | The "moderates" of the Abbas-run Palestinian Authority condemn... the victims

Palestinian Authority spokesman Ihab Bseiso
Mahmoud Abbas told the United Nations General Assembly on September 30, 2015 [full text here] that his regime sees itself as now no longer bound by the mutual undertakings of the mid-1990s Oslo Accords [text here]:
“We cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and Israel must assume fully all its responsibility as an occupying power.” [New York Times, September 30, 2015]
We do not respond to the Israeli occupation’s hatred and brutality with the same. Instead, we are working on spreading the culture of peace and coexistence between our people and in our region... My hands remain outstretched for the just peace that will guarantee my people’s fights, freedom and human dignity. I say to our neighbors, the Israeli people that peace is in your interest, in our interest, and in the interest of our future generations. Narrow vision is destructive. I hope that you will consider the dangerous reality on the ground and look to the future... [Text of Abbas speech via Times of Israel]
What did he actually mean?, asked numerous commentators (like this one). Evidently the great man himself believes he made himself perfectly clear:
"I stand behind everything that I said on the UN stage, and will work to implement the decisions." [Abbas quoted in Ynet, October 2, 2015]
Today we have a slightly better sense of his intentions. Times of Israel says today
After days of silence amid a string of terror attacks and skyrocketing tensions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority on Sunday condemned Israel for its “policy of escalation,” after two Palestinian assailants were killed as they carried out terror attacks. In a written communique published on the official news agency Wafa, PA government spokesman Ihab Bseiso called on the international community to intervene following “the killing of two young men in occupied Jerusalem and the series of incursions into cities and villages in the West Bank.” The statement made no mention of the fact that the two dead Palestinians had been killed while carrying out stabbing attacks against Israeli civilians... [and] did not condemn or mention the killings of Naama and Eitam Henkin, who were shot to death in a Palestinian terror attack on Thursday in the West Bank.
The PA's condemnation of Israel is especially galling when it's recalled who took responsibility for the murder-by-shooting of the Henkins on Thursday ["02-Oct-15: Google the name of the young Israeli parents murdered in their car last night..."].
A unit within Fatah’s armed wing assumed responsibility for the murder... The Abdel Qader al-Husseini Brigades, a group affiliated with Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, announced on Friday that its men on Thursday night opened fire on the car of Eitam and Naama Henkin, a couple in their 30s, while they were driving home with their four children, aged four months to nine... Fatah, headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, is the largest faction within the Palestine Liberation Organization, which is the governing body in West Bank areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority. “With Allah’s help and in keeping with our right for resistance and our duty to sacred jihad, our forces on Thursday night carried out a necessary action in which they fired on a car of occupying settlers..." The statement, translated into Hebrew by the Ma’ariv daily, also warned “the enemy against taking revenge on civilians,” as “any war crimes would be severely retaliated against.” ["Fatah armed wing claims responsibility for terror attack", Times of Israel, October 2, 2015]
It's baffling to see how blood-curdling threats to murder in the name of jihad, and evidence that they do it and are proud to have done it, keep getting discounted by observers and politicians. Odd, too, that no one seems terribly vexed by the way Fatah, which claims to be secular, invokes the doctrine of holy jihad in explaining why Jews must die.

04-Oct-15: Jerusalem Watch | A teenage boy is stabbed from behind just hours after last night's two murders

Security personnel pursued and caught up with this morning';s knife man,
and terminated his terrorism activities [Image Source]
It's early Sunday afternoon here, the day before the end of Sukkot, the Tabernacles festival that provides millions of Israelis with the opportunity for time with family, picnics, rest and recreation. Plus the joy of Simchat Torah which starts at sundown this evening.

But in the new reality here, Jerusalem and its citizens are grappling with seriously escalated violence, and a deeply worrying sense that more knifing and more shooting attacks, and perhaps worse, are exactly what the ruling echelon in the Palestinian Arab world have decided we are going to get.

Just a few hours after the killing of two Israeli men in the Old City of Jerusalem last night (Saturday), a second stabbing attack, terribly similar to the earlier one, was carried out on a 15 year old boy close to Damascus Gate, one of the heavily-used entrances to the Old City from Jerusalem's Western neighbourhoods. According to JTA, a news syndication service, this morning
The 15-year-old victim was in moderate condition after being treated on the scene early Sunday morning by paramedics, according to initial reports. He was taken to the hospital with wounds to his chest and back. The suspected assailant reportedly fled the scene after stabbing the teen. A video posted online appeared to show him hundreds of feet away, on the tracks of Jerusalem’s light rail, where he was shot by police officers. Hamas media named the suspected stabber as Fadi Aloon, a resident of the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya. A post before the attack on what appeared to be Aloon’s Facebook page pledged martyrdom and asked God’s forgiveness for sins.
Israel National News focuses on the victim who understands from his hospital bed in Jerusalem's Shaarei Zedek Medical Center well just how fortunate he is to have come through the trauma more or less intact:
15 year-old Moshe Malka is on the mend after being stabbed near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City on Saturday night - and he regards his survival as nothing more than a miracle... "Now I will take with me something for self-defense, I will not walk around like that in the street... The general feeling among Jerusalemites is fear to walk around the city streets, defenseless." Malka had been walking toward the Old City from his yeshiva when he was attacked. "During the walk I saw an Arab who looked as if he's waiting for something to happen, and then began running toward us with a hand in his pocket," he recounted. "We started to run away, I got stuck on the sidewalk and he began to stab me... A friend of mine saw him and sprayed him with tear gas, but the terrorist escaped... I didn't feel blood until I touched my shirt"...  Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat notified Malka early Sunday that security forces had caught and killed the terrorist, and called Malka a "hero." But Malka is simply thankful to those who came to his rescue.  "I survived through a miracle," he said. "If my friend had not sprayed him with tear gas he would have continued to stab me... I thank G-d I was saved." 
So how disturbed by these most recent lethal Jerusalem attacks are the 'moderate' leaders of the Palestinian Authority, and Mahmoud Abbas, its peace-aspiring senior figure, in particular? We may soon know. But it's worth noting that tributes to the nobility of a man with a knife who plunges it into the back of a defenceless fifteen year old boy can already be seen online. Here, for instance, on the Facebook page of something called Palestine Social Global [archived here, in case it gets changed in the coming days] where they display his photo (that's it over on the right) next to the caption "Palestine worth sacrificing" and call him "martyr".

How widely or well is this morning's vicious stabbing attack reported? We expect to come back to that question today.